Friday, February 20, 2015

Frozen in February

Winter seems to become a whole different animal once you have kids. I have definitely never been a fan, preferring to stay anywhere warm than brave the cold. Now, however, it's even more difficult to want to go out, not only because I have to get an extra person ready, but also because that extra person is a squirmy little girl with very little communication skills.

Gone are the days of throwing a coat and scarf on, grabbing gloves and a hat and running out the door. It no longer takes 2 minutes to get out the door, it takes a minimum of 20 and all because we've added a little person to the equation. A little person who, by the way, rips every hat off her bald little head the second it gets put on, and behaves as if I'm pouring boiling water over her hands rather than just simply trying to put mittens on her.

So I've abandoned all hope of putting mittens on her, she will actually gnaw on them like a rabid animal if I try. I do continue to fight the good fight, even if Eliza thinks winter clothes border on child abuse, and in trying to make it a little less painful for us both I've made her an adorable hat and scarf to wear.

Notice her hand going to pull the hat off. I'm pretty sure she's sticking her tongue out at me too.

The hat I have made literally dozens of times. If I need to, I can make one start to finish in a single day, and it's the perfect baby gift. I now know from experience that you get a hat with every other outfit you are gifted when you have a baby and that zero of them actually fit the baby. This one is perfect every time, the ribbing makes it snug without being too tight and if it's too short then you don't have to turn the brim up.

The scarf is a new pattern, but worked up just as fast as the hat. I bought the awesome yarn at a local yarn shop on my way home from work on a Thursday and knit them both as Valentines Day gifts for Eliza by Saturday. I really love how everything turned out and have already gotten many complements on them.

They're still not as cute as my model though. :)


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