Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lazy Post

Today I'm tired, so I'll speak in pictures.

My knitting has taken over the living room, but yesterday I got to flip on the fireplace for the first time this fall, making it a very cozy place to curl up and knit. (I think I was watching the Sing Off on hulu. Really awesome show if you're looking for something to watch with seriously talented people.)

They're multiplying!!!

A restock was in order, can't wait to try the Magic Hat beers from the seasonal Night of the Living Dead case we bought. Mmmmm octoberfest beer...

Some mini pumpkin pies left over from ladies knitting night yesterday.

Lastly, some pretty roses still persevering in my back yard. Everything in the yard is completely overgrown (I like to think of it as Halloween decorations) but the roses needed to be cut back. 
I couldn't just toss these guys in the bucket, so I'll enjoy them in the house for a bit.

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