Monday, October 17, 2011

Celebrate Color With Candy Corn!

I am so excited about these little guys, and I think they're totally adorable. Plus it's really easy to make a bunch of them and put them all over your house.

I'm also officially submitting them for the Celebrate Color contest over at Stitched in Color. If you don't know about this contest yet, you must check it out. The prizes are drool-worthy, and there are some talented people showing off their handwork.

Fall was definitely the inspiration for these guys when I was trying to come up with an easy pattern to submit for my certification. It just made sense to me to make something holiday themed and what better than candy corn?

It's an iconic fall candy, plus I've used them to decorate around the house before, filling jars and vases with the colorful candy and putting them around the house.

So cute! I love them, and I'll share the pattern soon!

Update: pattern shared here.


Samantha said...

These are so cute! Found your via Ellie's Bites!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by Samantha! Glad you like the candy corn.

Lindsay Conner said...

Oh goodness, these are adorable!

Rachel Hauser said...

Haha, these are great!

Kim said...

Thanks Lindsay and Rachel!