About Me

Toasting an anniversary in NYC
I am a self-professed 'hobby hopper' who has found in knitting a creative outlet that has stuck. I love it and I hope after spending some time with me, you will too!

I'm an Interior Designer by profession and have always loved doing creative things that challenge the left side of my brain since the right side doesn’t always like to work very well, and I married an accountant to take care of those sort of things anyway. I love to do anything that involves creative thought, bright colors, working with my hands, and creating something out of almost nothing. I was taught to knit in December of ’09 and haven’t quit since.

I am currently working on getting certified by the Craft Yarn Council, mostly so I can sound all important-like, but also so I can teach knitting at my local Michael's. People are generally very impressed (ie: confused) that I am getting certified in knitting, but I have found it to be a great learning process, helping me to learn techniques and skills I would have otherwise given a wide berth. At the moment I consider myself somewhere in the in-between phases of experienced, expert knitter, and still trying to figure this thing out, and I'll probably be living in that gray area for a while.
Blog title-inspired pattern

I am a Christian and love God and although I know I fall short of His expectations for me every day, I am so thankful that He forgives me and lets me start all over again tomorrow. I also have a passion for reading, hanging out with with my family, playing soccer, and baking, just to name a few.

Will Knit For Beer was chosen by Chris, my husband after an evening of brainstorming and searching names that all seemed to be taken already. We were enjoying a couple of beers and after asking him what is fun, memorable, and describes me he got a funny look on his face and just typed it out. The domain was available, we bought it, and now here I am! Aren't you glad he's so clever?