Friday, October 14, 2011

Ruffled Edge Scarf Pattern

  • 150 yards of a chunky yarn
  • 1 skein of Tonic in the color of your choice (220 yards)
  • Size US 6 straight needles
  • Size US 9 circular needles
  • tapestry needle
K1 - knit one stitch
P1 - purl one stitch
SS - slip stitch as if to knit
PSSO - pass slipped stitch over the last stitch worked.
RS - right side of work
WS - wrong side of work
M1 - increase by knitting into the front and back of each stitch.

Finished Length is 32" which makes the hole necessary to keep the scarf in place when being worn. If you want to double your yarn and make a full length scarf, don't knit the short rows, just continue in seed stitch until you reach your desired length.

Scarf Instructions:
  • With the Tonic yarn, cast on 25 stitches onto size 6 needles.
  • Work 4 inches of seed stitch: all rows, [K1, P1] repeat to last stitch, K1
  • First short row: starting on RS,
    Row 1: [K1, P1] repeat for 12 stitches, turn work
    Row 2: [P1, K1] repeat to the end of the row
    Continue to work these two rows of seed stitch pattern over these 12 stitches until the short row measures 5". End on RS and break yarn.
  • Second short row: On the RS (finished short row should be on your right needle, unworked 13 stitches on your left needle) pick up yarn.
    Row 1: SS, P1, PSSO, [K1, P1] to last stitch, K1
    Row 2: [K1, P1] repeat to slipped stitch
    Row 3: [P1, K1] repeat to end.
    Continue rows 2 & 3 till both short rows are equal length, ending on a WS with both short rows on the same needle
  • Joining short rows: [K1, P1] to the end of the first short row, cast on one stitch, [P1, K1] to end.
  • Seed stitch all rows: [K1, P1] repeat to last stitch, K1; until piece measures 32" or desired length.
  • Bind off and weave in the ends.

Ruffle Instructions.
  • Pick up 125 stitches along the long end of the scarf with size 9 circular needle and chunky yarn
  • Row 1: Purl (125 stitches)
  • Row 2: M1 in each stitch (250 stitches)
  • Row 3: Purl (250 stitches)
  • Row 4: M1 in each stitch (500 stitches)
  • Row 5: Purl
  • Bind off loosely
  • Repeat down the other side
  • Weave in all ends.

Please email me if you have any questions or corrections for this pattern. Thanks!

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