Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Blanket Factory

Now that I've thought about it, I am having a hard time believing that I haven't even been knitting for 3 years. I have come a long way since the wonky scarf I awkwardly coaxed from my first pair of knitting needles. I now regret not taking a picture before ripping it out so I can show off how gloriously bad I was when I began, but it now resides in an equally embarrassing ugly sweater which I'm sure will make a guest appearance someday.

The main reason it seems like much more than three years is because I have knitted an unbelievable number of baby blankets in that short amount of time. Eight to be exact.

It all began with this blanket knitted for my nephew, Landon. I started it with very little experience knitting anything, I had no pattern, and obviously no concept of the dimensions of a real baby blanket. Chris and I joked that it was more of a car-seat sized blanket as I rushed to finish it on our way to Massachusetts to visit the newest DeStratis member. If I remember correctly I actually had him pull into a parking lot a short way from Jason and Erin's house so I could get it off my needles and into a gift bag before we arrived. Good times.

Knitting, like any other creative hobby, is definitely two things. A constant learning experience; even experienced knitters have to take projects out and start over from time to time, and if they say they don't, they're lying. It is also a learn by doing experience and seven blankets later I can see a huge improvement in my knitting skills.

This is the latest blanket I made for a good friend's baby shower last month. I have a much better sense of scale and this one is actually crib size so the baby won't outgrow it in 3 weeks. I also finished with enough time to make a matching hat and my first ever pair of booties.

So adorable!


Four on the Shore said...

looks great! It's a favorite of mine, too! Eric and I knitted on the flight for our honeymoon. Barnes and Noble has a club that meets here, maybe yours does too?
Had a friend growing up in MA who collected her dog's hair and had it spun into yarn and then knitted her husband a sweater!

Kim said...

Really? The last time I flew to visit Elin I packed my knitting in my checked bag assuming they would confiscate my needles as potential deadly weapons.
I'm not sure how I feel about the dog hair sweater... little odd, but definitely unique!