Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Latest and Not So Greatest

Since finishing the baby blanket I have been hard at work completing part 1 of my knitting certification; a requirement for being a knitting instructor at Michael's. First I had to clear all of my needles so I wasn't tempted to work on something for fun because I'll admit, so far getting certified is most certainly not fun.

It hasn't really been stressful, yet, but I have 6 months to complete everything and the tasks just get increasingly harder as I go along. I successfully procrastinated for a month after I received my binder and when I realized how difficult and time consuming things were going to get, I got started and gave myself a deadline of this weekend to finish and mail part 1.

Unless you've taken the course yourself, this doesn't really prove anything to you, but trust me, I'm very close to sending this to my given mentor and selecting a date for my phone test. (They don't mess around at the CYC.)

The good news is that once I get all my swatches neatly organized in the binder I can mail it off, breathe a sigh of relief, and start knitting something of my choosing! Perhaps something from one of Carol's books, or maybe something over at ravelry... decisions decisions... hmmmmm.

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