Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will Knit for Beer

Except for Interior Design, which I have a Bachelor’s degree for, I consider myself a jack of all crafty trades and a master of none. I stick to the sole use of the left side of my brain since the right side doesn’t always work well, and I married an accountant to take care of those sorts of things anyway. I love to do anything that involves creative thought, bright colors, working with my hands, and creating something out of almost nothing. I was taught to knit by my Aunt in December of ’09 and haven’t quit since.
I consider myself somewhere in the in-between phases of experienced, expert knitter, and still trying to figure this thing out. Scarfs have long since been exchanged for more challenging patterns resulting in misshapen sweaters and a semi-understanding of how a pattern gets altered and fitted for me. I don’t know how to crochet (but I’ll learn) I just recently started taking the extra time to block my projects (I was anxious to wear them or ran out of time before present giving) and I am desperately trying to get up the courage to learn how to knit socks (they just seem so complicated what with the crazy heel shape and that mystical toe bind-off *shudder*).
An explanation of my chosen title would not be complete without also stating that I am a lover of beer, and while I know very little about it, I enjoy drinking it which could always provide some good fun along the way.


BeckyFrey said...

Carol can teach you how to knit socks. She's gotten pretty good at them. :)

Jordan Valdiviez said...

I though that I was the only one that thought toe bind-off's were mystical! Miss ya Kim and Chris! Hope to see some knitty creations soon!

Kim said...

Hey Jordan, we miss you too. Haven't played a game of catan in some time... Hope you're well :)

Kim said...

Thanks Becky, I keep thinking Carol and I should get together and knit sometime.