Friday, October 21, 2011

Something Lacy Shrug

In June my Mom bought me a great dress for my birthday which inspired me to start the Something lacy shrug. I knew immediately I wanted to wear the dress to my sister's bridal shower, but I thought it needed something across the shoulders.

The theme for the shower was champagne and sweets, and I encouraged the other ladies helping me host to wear white and champagne colors to go with our theme, so as you can see, Megan was completely surprised, and my dress was the perfect colors for our theme.

I cast on the shrug with some left over fisherman's wool I had used for another project, quickly made my way through the pattern, and after finishing realized this was never going to fit me. It was a good thing the day of the shower was blazing hot, I didn't need any more layers as I had originally anticipated because I had no back-up plan.

The pattern was written way too small, and I couldn't even get it on without looking like a scarecrow on a pole, my arms jutting out at odd angles. I could barely get it over the back of this chair to take a picture of! So I gave it to my friend's 4 year old daughter to wear, and promised her big sister I would make her one in the color of her choice.

Isabella chose blue, and now she will have a shrug of her own! Can you believe the difference of the sizes? The cream one is the small size and the blue one is a modified large.

It's still a bit tight on me, so I don't have the sizing exact for myself, but I don't have time to make anything for myself at the moment anyway.

For Isabella, I think it'll be perfect!

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