Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was filled with so many of my favorite things I felt compelled to share.

Friday we kicked off the weekend by having dinner at my parent's house with the whole family for the first time since Megan got married. We watched the wedding video Tyler's uncle had put together, and got to see the amazing photos Julie Linz took. You can see a preview video of them on her blog, (but if you do watch, ask me for an explanation why the last picture of Megan and me is so awkward looking, it's a funny story and doesn't involve drinking, I swear!).

If I don't move on, I'll start rambling and repeating the words 'amazing' and 'gorgeous' and I'm sure you can see for yourself. 

It was great seeing Lilly as well since she changes and grows so much between visits. I think she enjoys family gatherings too because she doesn't get put down once, she just gets passed from lap to lap. We are all completely smitten with the first Bartlett grandbaby/niece. My Mom watches her three days a week so I imagine we'll be getting a photo 'goodie bag' most of the days that we come by for family dinners.

These are just a couple that we came home with this weekend. 

Saturday, for me, began with meeting up with former small-group ladies for breakfast and we shared a wonderful time of catching up. Whenever we see each other I am both sad that our weekly meetings had to come to an end, and grateful that they were such an important part of my life for so many years. 

From breakfast Chris and I headed to the soccer field for our game. We play in a coed church league and thankfully we enjoy playing because this weekend we got steamrolled. I do not enjoy losing, but I love playing soccer and if you had told me 10 years ago that in my 30's I'd still be scrubbing mud out of my knees after slide-tackling some guy on the soccer field I'd be inclined not to believe you. Yet here I am, still unable to come home from a game not covered in mud and blood from the waist down.

This is me after one of our games last year.

Moral of this part of the weekend is soccer makes me happy even if we lose, and I'm thankful to still be playing the sport I love. The horrific lost also inspired a couple of us to hit the bar on the way home for a much needed beer, allowing us to sooth our weary bodies with a pint.

Finally Saturday night brought us to Sharon and Nate's house where we joined their annual Fall Harvest Party, bearing gifts of chips, guacamole, and of course knitted beer koozies. They had a fire blazing in the backyard, homebrew on ice, and tasty food filling every inch of the kitchen. What could be better? I must say, it was a perfect night for the koozies since there was a chill in the air and the koozies kept our hands from being cold while holding onto our frosty beers.

Sharon also used them to keep her fingers warm in between beers

Sunday was church at Crossbridge and a great message from Mark about teaching your kids to trust God and make wise decisions. I know someday we'll need all the help we can get. For now I'm headed to the basement to watch some football and get more knitting done. I've got a project I'm really excited to share with you that's almost ready for a photo shoot, so stay tuned!

I hope all my readers had as fabulous a weekend as I have had!

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