Monday, January 30, 2012

Fiber Artist Requirement

There are a couple of things that I've noticed, as I get deeper into the knitting community, that seem to be requirements to be accepted. An addictive personality definitely seems to be one, as well as a love for fabulous yarn which may or may not accompany a penchant for stroking said yarn like a fuzzy pet. And speaking of pets, I have come to believe that this is another requirement for being a fiber artist, but you can't own just any pet, you must have at least one cat.

Maybe it's the image that we so often see of a cat batting a ball of yarn around, purring contentedly. Or maybe it's because cats tend to not be as needy as some other pets and they give us more time for our knitting. Whatever the reason, I think it's in one of the rules of becoming a knitter.

Meet Bella. My 10 year old ginger kitty who barks like a dog, plays fetch with her treats, and ends up eating rather then playing with any yarn I give her.

But she still counts, right?

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BeckyFrey said...

And yet another reason I will never be a knitter...won't get a cat. :) Thankfully I have friends to knit for me.