Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Christmas Gifty Goodness

A few weeks before Christmas my Mom found a fabulous new (to us) store called Charming Charlie. If you have never heard of it, look up a store near you and check it out. It's an accessory store full of tons of bling and fabulous things that sparkle and glitter with feathers and charm, and the best part, it's all arranged by color. I'm not much of a shopper, but this store is such a sensory overload I could spend hours looking at all the jewelry, bags, pins, hair accessories, scarves, the list goes on and on!

I've been a couple of times and actually the only things I've purchased so far have been re-purposed (because I can't help myself; I'll post about them some other time) but everything is reasonably priced, and have I mentioned, sparkly???

When Mom found the store she decided to just buy a bunch of things and let her girls (Megan, Stephaine and me) pick something from her stash that we liked. I chose these fingerless gloves.

I'm sure you can guess the reason, besides the fact that they were adorable, I wanted to use them as inspiration to make more and more and more! And so I did.

I made these for my Mom as a gift for Christmas since every time she saw me wearing mine she'd ask when I was going to make her a pair, and I was more than happy to set my needles to the task. Since I don't know how to crochet, and had already purchased Martha's glitter eyelash without a project in mind, the edges got fringe instead of trim.

I got purple tulle, but a single layer like the original gloves didn't really show up against the yarn so I had to sew the corners of a large piece together several times and then add some beads for more sparkle in the center, creating a flower.

I will be sharing the pattern for these as soon as I make another pair to be sure the pattern is written perfectly. My notes from this pair is a little sloppy.

Don't you just love them? What handmade item did you give as a gift that you were just super excited about?


Anonymous said...

I can see your mother wearing those gloves! Cute!

Anonymous said...

and you have to know anonymous is me Robyn because I cannot figure out hsi crazy "leave your comment" area

Kim said...

Thanks Robyn!
I think if you check Name/URL and just type your name and leave the URL blank it should show your name, but I can't be 100% sure... Wish I could be of better help.