Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Blanket 2012

If you are in your late 20's or early 30's then something like this probably happens to you too; you go on facebook to see what everyone is up to, and there's another "we're having a baby" announcement. Well, you mine as well get used to it, it's just a fact of life, you've officially moved on from the "27 dresses" phase of your life and now you're knee deep in the "is that chocolate or is it poo?" phase. Fortunately kids are a lot more fun then the somewhat depressing, "guess who's making up for his receding hairline with a sports car" phase, and as a knitter, I especially like the endless adorable baby items I can make.

All this to say, I've started off the New Year with yet another baby blanket.

Even though baby clothes are seriously the cutest things ever; apparently the smaller it is, the higher the cuteness factor, especially if it's for a little girl; baby blankets are still my go-to project when I learn a friend is expecting.

I think I do this for a few reasons:
1. There's no shaping involved. It's virtually impossible to mess up a square, no matter your skill level.
2. It can be gender neutral so I can start before the happy couple finds out the sex, be it after 20 weeks or not until the baby's born.
3. Every kid needs a blanket, and the older the kid gets, the more versatile the blanket becomes. Suddenly it's not just for sleeping anymore, it's a fort, a ghost costume, and even a cape.
4. I'm still a little unsure of my sizing. Obviously I can't measure a baby that isn't born yet, and I have no reference of my own, so I'm left to guess if something will fit or not and honestly, it's a lot of work for something that will potentially never get used.

For the latest anticipated bundle of joy I do not know the sex, so I used a beautiful yellow yarn that's been in my stash for some time and adapted the diamond pattern used in the Lobov Scarf from my Brave New Knits book. I started it after Christmas and am finally ready to mail it off!

Let me know if you're interested in the pattern, I wrote it down but don't want to post it as my own since it wasn't an original design.

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