Friday, March 9, 2012

F is for Fried-day

Let me 'splain... no, there is too much... let me sum up.

Already my promise to be more vigilant about posting has been broken.

Once again I'm left feeling a bit guilty, but also ready with another excuse. :)

For those who don't know, let me catch you up. I've been teaching a class this semester at Community College of Philadelphia in their design department. I love it, it's going really well (says me) and I would love to find myself in a position to teach more.

This past week was spring break. Or at least it was supposed to be. I was going to stay at home, work on my upcoming lectures, knit away and blog as often as I could. Then Sunday night comes and all my hopes of a quiet and productive break are dashed with a phone call from the head of the department.

In a panicked breath he tells me there is a grant spot open for a faculty member in the BPI/BA class that he must fill before Monday and would I pretty-please-with-a-measuring-tape-on-top consider filling the spot. So I considered; mentally weighed the possibility of spending my week in the bad part of Philly, with the benefit of a certification I didn't have to pay for that might lead to more teaching. I decided to bargain for a ride (for safety reasons) and hence my break was no break at all since I spent it cramming more knowledge into my head.

At first I felt a bit out of place. In the typical introduction exchange between the 4 students in the class - all from CCP, 2 faculty and 2 students - when the instructor asked why we were there, the best I could come up with was "I didn't have the sense to ignore the phone last night". Yup, off to a great start, I really know how to make an impression. As the week progressed, I grew more confident that the things I already knew would help me with what I was learning. Then they broke out the math equations and crazy devices with buttons and tubes and my brain started to liquify.

So here's my very long story/excuse for not blogging, summarized to the point of being cryptic:

I know something you don't know. Don't know why I needed a reminder of how much I hate tests. I still got an 83% but it's only half over because now I have to take a practical exam. At least I didn't have pay for it; not with money anyway. And now I still have to make my lectures for next week.

I'll let you know if this ever becomes something I get any use out of. I don't even know if it counts as bragging rights since it'll take me so long to explain what it is to someone, I'll put them to sleep before I get to actually brag about it. Let me know if you ever needs a Building Audit, I can almost do that now, as soon as I pass my practical test... and buy crazy amounts of equipment... and remember how to do everything I forgot 15 minutes after the test ended...

I really should have gone to Cancun.

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