Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New WIP's

As promised, here are the new projects I started last week. They are both scarves so I was obviously craving the simplicity of a project that required no shaping and could be quickly worked. Similar to the unfinished green sweater, the first scarf is also using yarn I got two Christmases ago, and the pattern comes from the same Vogue Knitting magazine. I had started several projects with this yarn and was never very impressed since I didn't ever get far. I believe I have finally found the perfect project for this yarn.

I love the broken rib pattern at the beginning and have a feeling it will be showing up again as I have started itching to design something new! I can’t wait to see this scarf finished, I'll let you know how it turns out.

The second scarf is the Honey Cowl and I am hoping it will be an acceptable replacement to the infinity scarf I gave Megan for Christmas that makes her break-out. No more acrylic yarn in her gifts! 

I think the pattern is beautiful and love that it won’t need to be blocked since it's basically a modified garter stitch and won't curl up on itself. I am, however, slightly worried that it will not be long enough. I an trusting, for now, that it will be as long as it looks in the top picture once I get it off the needles, but I still have a hard time gauging my stitches for projects that are bunched up on a circular needle until they’re done and you can really stretch them out. 

On the plus side, you can see after only one day of knitting I was nearly halfway done so even if it doesn't end up being as long as I’d like, it won’t take long to whip up a second (or third, or fourth!) once I've got the stitch count right.

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