Monday, September 26, 2011

Again With The Beer Koozies!

When I first started posting pics of the beer koozies I had designed, a friend of mine immediately requested Pitt inspired koozies for herself. Not being from Pittsburgh myself I am not really familiar with the colleges in the Pittsburgh area, plus with the start of football season around the corner thrown in for extra confusion, my brain went straight to the Steelers. Fortunately, my friend is also a Steelers fan, so she was more then happy to accept my misinterpretation.

The process for knitting the multicolored koozies was something like this.
Getting started without getting tangled was a process in itself.
Bella was jealous of all the yarn because it prevented her from sitting in my lap.
I knit them on straight needles till the bottom piece when I joined it in the round. 
You can imagine how tired I got of weaving in ends after I finished each koozy.
A view from the right side.
Volia! The finished product! They look just as cool as they do in single colors!

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