Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knitting For Beer, Literally!

I feel like this is a big reveal, even though most of you have already seen these on Facebook, but the project I chose to work on while at the beach were beer koozies! Staying true to my name, even if not in the way it initially implies, I knitted for my beer. Now that bottle can be stylish and your hand can stay warm while you enjoy your frosty beverage.

I started with a beer in hand, for inspirational purposes of course.

Knitted on the beach, enjoying the perfect weather, and the koozies are small so I didn't have trouble keeping anything out of the sand.

Megan was the first one to enjoy a knitted koozie on her beer, but I promised all the ladies I would make them a set. I'm working hard on everyone's koozies, the first one finished was a set of purple.

I love projects that go quick and are fun to give to people. Plus the Stitch Nation yarn has the most eye-catching colors that are perfect for dressing up your beer. I designed four different cable patterns so everyone can tell their beers apart. I will post the patterns soon so you can make your own set!

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