Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grown Up Yarn Shop Part 2

So when my Mom found out how disappointed I was in my first yarn shop trip, she made it her personal mission to make it right. I love my Mom, and I love her for wanting to fix this, but I did not inherit the Bailey shopping gene that the rest of the women in my family seem to have. Where I think, "I'll figure it out when I get around to it" she thinks "This is an abomination and we must go immediately to the nearest yarn shop". So that is what we did.

My Aunt Barb, who taught me to knit, had also tried to teach my Mom to knit last summer. Therefore she knew there was a cute yarn shop in Chesapeak City, MD they had visited at the time and so she and I sent out to find it again.

I am grateful for my Mom's dedication to fixing my disappointment, because this trip was much more successful then my last venture into the world of grown-up yarns, and I was so excited when we stepped into Vulcan's Rest Fibers. There were still no heavenly lights, but there were people. The little shop was packed with people looking for yarns, sales ladies chatting away as they sorted though their latest stock, even a woman sitting at a large rustic table working on a sweater. It just felt like somewhere you could go and hang out, get help on a project, or just enjoy the company while you knit.

Mom and I looked at all of the yarn in the store, and I couldn't decide what to buy; a grown-up yarn, or maybe some grown-up needles, or a nifty accessory all seemed like good choices. My head shuffled through all of the projects that I wanted to make trying to pick yarn for each one until I finally saw this.

It was the most beautiful shade of blue, the picture doesn't do it justice, and I had to have it. Plus, it was on sale! Really the whole rack of the Tonic yarns caught our eye because the colors were so rich and gorgeous. Someday, when the link is not broken, I will make the St. James Sweater with it, the project I had wanted to start at the beach last weekend.

Can't wait to show you how it turns out, and I can't wait to go back to Vulcan's Rest Fibers!

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