Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The White House Home Brew

As you may have gathered, I like beer. I enjoy having a beer with dinner after a long day, or meeting up with friends at the bar for a drink and a Flyers game. While I am by no means a beer connoisseur, I do enjoy sampling new beers and finding new favorites. I'm not the kind of girl who will drink anything with "light" on the label rather preferring to have a pint or two of something special over imbibing half of a case of Coors Light.

I have to say that I especially enjoy homebrews made by family and friends that I have had the pleasure of sampling, as well as micro brews that can be found at places like the Iron Hill Brewery in the Philadelphia area. On a side note, I recently had a whiskey barrel brewed stout at Iron Hill that tasted just like an Irish Car Bomb without the chugging. It was a little bit of heaven in a frosty pint glass. Yum!

My Uncle Steve has been brewing since before I was legal, and I have a vivid memory of my Grandma yanking a very small glass of home brew from my hands before I had the pleasure of a sip when I was about 19. I must say, it was worth the wait, and continues to get better.

Therefore, I was very pleased to hear this morning that President Obama has brought the art of homebrew to the White House.

The President purchased the equipment himself and asked the White House chefs to come up with the first ever homebrew created for the President. Being homebrew enthusiasts, the chefs set about brewing several honey-based brews for such events as the President's Super Bowl Party and fufilling a request by former Marine Sargent Dakota Meyer who received the Medal of Honor and asked to have a beer with the President. The honey was harvested from the White House's own beehives and have gone into the White House Honey Ale, pictured above, as well as a White House Honey Blonde Ale, and a White House Honey Porter.

You can read more on Obama Foodorama's blog. But what I really want to know is, would the President like some hand knitted beer koozies in exchange for some White House homebrew? I can make them in red white and blue!

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