Monday, October 31, 2011

The Almost Free Halloween Costume

Halloween is kind of a low-key holiday for us. We hand out candy to the couple of kids who actually come to our door, and maybe wear orange and black if we think about it. This year, however, we participated in Trunk-or-Treat with our church, and we got invited to a party so we needed to think of some costumes.

Chris found some Groucho Marx glasses and nose so he was set, and the car decorations were easy after a trip to the picked over Halloween isle in Walmart. Spiders and webs were about the only thing left.

My costume started when I found cat-ears on a headband on sale for two bucks, and thanks to my surprise gift from Erin, I had a pattern for cat paws, so really, what else did I need? Ok, maybe a tail, and I did have every intention of knitting a tail too, but it just didn't happen.

So I became a black and orange cat, because that was the color yarn I had, and also in honor of my favorite team, the Philadelphia Flyers! The feather boa was a souvenir we picked up in New Orleans a couple of years ago and what better excuse to wear it then with my costume? Chris decided to leave the Groucho glasses at home and instead went as a bowler. Thank you work charity events for the bowling shirt!

So there you have it, my almost free Haloween costume.
Cheers, and Happy Halloween everyone!

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