Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Michael's Center For People Who Want To Learn How To Knit Good

It's not too late! Take a Michael's knitting class in November and still have time to knit hamdmade gifts for your loved ones for the holidays. All Deptford knitting classes will be held Tuesday nights from 6-8pm where I'll teach you the skills you need to make your own lovely knitted items.

I've also added a bring your own project night where for $5 you bring whatever you're working on at home that you're stuck on or have a mistake to correct but aren't sure how. I will help fix it and learn the skills you need get your project finished. That will be held Thursday November 29th, so put it on your calendar!

Soon, Michael's will also be posting individual store classes on their website so you will be able to easily plan which classes you want to take in a location convenient for you. You can also look forward to new classes being added in the new year such as baby projects and gift items.

I'll see you at Michael's!

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