Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Latest Finished Project

I thought I was full speed ahead on gift knitting, but for some reason this project snuck in without a plan or a gift agenda. I have had this beautiful skein of red in my stash almost since the beginning and I had no idea what to do with it. I started a scarf when I figured out how to use my cable needle, but that quickly got shelved since one skein does not a scarf make...

Fast forward a few years to a time when I should be concentrating on other things that demand my attention and all I want to do is knit something for fun. I really have a two second attention span.


So here it is, the Noble Cowl. I don't think the yardage could have been more perfect had I used complicated calculations to plan it out, so I would highly recommend using Naturally Caron Country yarn for this project. Not only is the yardage perfect, but the colors are simply delicious!


BeckyFrey said...

Love it!

Kim said...

Thanks Becky! Talking to Jaime this morning has made me want to make an infinity scarf now!