Saturday, December 3, 2011

A New Knitting Bag for Me

At the beginning of November I went down to Baltimore to spend a day at NeoCon; an interior design convention; hoping to see something new or learn something interesting. Unfortunately it took me about 3 hours to walk the whole floor and there wasn't anything useful for my current design projects, and nothing I hadn't seen before.

The trip was not a total wash, however, since my sister, Megan, works in Baltimore and I got to spend time with her on the drive to and from, and also meet up with her for lunch. Second best, I also got a great new knitting bag at the conference.

After lunch instead of going back to the convention center I headed in the other direction and went shopping instead. Got birthday presents for both Megan and my Mom, bought a crab cookie cutter; perfect for the crab feast next summer; and got an iced coffee at Barnes and Noble to rest my feet.

Once my feet felt better, I set out for the yarn shop Megan had told me about. It was about a mile away from the bay but the walk went quick, and I had finished my shopping. Unfortunately, the shop was more of a teaching shop then a yarn shop so instead of browsing, I had a nice chat with the owner and then picked over the small selection before settling on a pretty hank of gray mohair lace yarn.

I'd say half of my trip was a bust, the design show and yarn shop were not what I wanted them to be, but the time with my sister, shopping, and my new knitting bag still more then made up for them. Now I'm packed and ready to head to the Christmas tree farm for the weekend, I think I have enough yarn...

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