Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally Get To Share!

Finally I get to share the lovely things I made to give as gifts this holiday season. I'm going to start with the most unexpected since I have already said that they scare me, but I made socks! More surprising than that even was that I found them to be almost easy to make!

The yarn that I purchased online on cyber Monday was all intended to make a cute pair of ankle socks with fun fur cuffs, but the colors were not as good of a match in person as I thought them to be online so I did have to make an extra trip to get fun fur that went with the sock yarn. Don't worry, I definitely found something to do with Martha's glitter eyelash...

So here they are! I think they came out pretty good for having to modify this pattern for Sock Monkey Socks to make them shorter. So now I am addicted to making socks, which is a good thing because these only took one skein of the two I purchased to make them. Plus, I got a couple of skeins in my stocking; Santa knows what I like!

I gave them to my Aunt Mary for Christmas and she wasted no time putting them on and wearing them the rest of the day.

There will definitely be more socks to come!

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