Sunday, March 17, 2013

So Long Shrugs

I really like shrugs. They're the halfway house between "I'm bored with scarves" and "I think I can make a sweater". I have made several in my almost 4 years of knitting, including a purple one worn to my sister's engagement party two years ago.

The first one I ever made was red and so easy to make. It was just a square that got sewn together at either end to make the sleeves.

I also made these two from the same pattern, although the sizing was a bit off. The white one I made first and was so tiny I couldn't even get it on to model it for pictures. I gave it to a friend's daughter and then had to make the blue one one for her older daughter.

That one I was able to squeeze on for a picture but what you probably can't tell is I am losing feeling in my fingers because the shrug is cutting off the circulation in my arms.

I have several more shrugs in my favorites at Ravelry, but I think I'm going to have to make them for other people or else not at all. The reason you ask? I have no shoulders. There, I said it. At 5'-5" I am a "normal" size, but I have a very petite frame and shoulders that can't even hold my purse straps, let alone an article of clothing meant to be held up solely by them.

It makes me a little sad, because they are easy to make and a really nice layer to add on a fall day when you need a little added warmth. Or, as I've used them before, a great addition to a strapless or summer dress to make it a little more weather appropriate when it's cooler out. Perhaps someday I'll have to find and/or design one that will fit me well, but for now, I think I'll let them remain in other people's queues.


Juany said...

Kim!!! I have no shoulders either, haha.. I can't wear a blazer without those little shoulder pads to give it some form.. so I wonder if you can make a "shrug" with shoulder pads!! I'm reviewing your old blogs and I'm glad you're somehow coming back...missed you :-)

Kim said...

Knitted shoulder pads, my next original pattern! Thanks Juany :)