Saturday, April 6, 2013

Honey Cowl for Megan

I finished Megan's replacement scarf a couple of weeks ago but had been too busy to post it here until now. The pattern is the fabulous Honey Cowl I found on Ravelry and had started making on my day off last month.

Rather then knit in a single color like the original pattern shows, I decided to edge her's in purple so it had a little more life and I really like how it came out. A little pop of color to break up the off-white of the rest of the scarf. I also added about 20 stitches when I cast on making it about 6 inches longer so it wasn't quite so snug around her neck.

I love the finished project, and I think Megan does too! I don't know if it's fortunate or not, but we're still having some bi-polar spring weather here and I think she'll be able to get some use out of it before the warm weather really shows up. 

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