Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Break From Knitting

Before leaving for the beach I put my needles down so I could indulge in another thing I love to do, bake. Even though it can be a bit of a lengthy process if you factor in cooling and drying time, I have really gotten into baking and decorating sugar cookies. So every occasion that deserves a little sweetness, I break out the rolling pin and cookie cutters.

For our bachelorette weekend I used, what else, underwear, as a theme for the cookies. (For those of you that may be more conservative minded, you could also call them bikini cookies)

I used my heart shaped cookie cutter and turned them upside down to make, well, you can see...

They turned out great, and we enjoyed them while we sat around playing games at the condo. I told the girls that I don't bake anything not worth eating, and they definitely got eaten!

Most important though, the bride loved them! Even if she felt the need to play with her food first.

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tiF said...

hahaha -too cute!