Saturday, October 8, 2011

For My Next Trick... Pineapples??

Two things have inspired me to write this blog post. The first is just the fact that I came across this knitting project on a random Ravelry search (yes, this is what I do when I'm bored), and the second being that when I saw it I just couldn't help of thinking of my new favorite TV show, Psych. When my friend Elin came to visit in August, she mentioned that she enjoyed Psych, so we watched a couple of episodes on Netflix, and I couldn't stop till the 4th season was over! Unfortunately there were only a few season 5 episodes available online so I'm not 100% caught up, but season 6 starts this week so I'll have to see the rest some other time.

So, for those of you familiar with the show, you'll know that this would be the ultimate Psych-o accessory. And those of you who don't know, what the heck are you waiting for? Go watch Psych!

If I thought they were the type, I'd knit Shawn and Gus one each, but for now, I have no plans to add a pineapple bag to my growing list of projects. But you never know, the day may come when the only thing that will complete my outfit is a beaded pineapple bag... and maybe a scrunchie.


Erin Mary said...

oooh this is pretty cute! My wheels are spinning- could this pineapple be made in a mini size and used as a pendant on a chain? I'm thinking urban-outfitters-esque...

Kim said...

I love the way your mind works Erin! I hadn't thought of mini-pineapple applications but now my wheels are spinning too. :)