Monday, October 3, 2011

Monster Couch

Meet the Green Monster. 

 No not the one that lives in the Red Sox's Fenway Park, this one lives in the Ayer's basement.

He was a sad monster.

All broken and bent out of shape, but we decided to fix him up.

New springs were definitely needed.

Added some new padding.

Andria picked out a great new fabric. 
He was no longer going to be green!

I think he was ready for a new color.

So we cut and sewed and stapled and glued.

Almost good as new.

This past weekend, he got to go home and is ready to be used once again. 
No more sink holes in this monster couch, but he needs a new name. I can no longer call him the Green Monster, he's definitely more like an Elmo couch now.


Kim said...

Andria wasn't a fan of Elmo so his new name is Bosox.

Joanne said...

Kim you did a great job. Thank you Andria and Jon for letting us take so long to complete the transformation. It was a fun project!