Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Over-due Thank You Post

Right around Christmas (that's how behind I am here folks...) I received an awesome surprise gift in the mail as a thank you. A long time family friend and lovely lady had asked for some Steelers koozies of her own and as a thank you she sent me a gift! Totally not necessary, by the way, but enjoyed nevertheless.

It's a yarn bowl with a special curie-que in the side which keeps the yarn coming and the ball in one place instead of all over my floor as it was before. I've seen these before in yarn shops I've visited but usually they look like something I might have made in 8th grade pottery class. Never have I seen one as cute as this, with the bees and white polka-dots. I love it!

You may also recognize the yarn that's currently residing in the bowl; it's the knit picks I got for Christmas, so the bowl has been in use for as long as I've had it, I just haven't had the time to finish the WIP. I'm adapting, as best I can, a pretty sweater from an old Vogue Knitting magazine and not having trouble exactly, but some of Vogue's patterns seem to be more complicated then necessary so I'm hopeful that my simplification won't result in an unwearable item. Someday I'll finish it and learn the answer, till then, fingers crossed!

Maybe I waited this long so I could take advantage of the pretty flowers (aka weeds) growing in my backyard already. Unseasonably warm weather has given me an awesome photo-shoot backdrop so that must be the reason for my procrastination!

Thanks again Robyn, I love, love, love it!!

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