Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Job Well Done

One of the jobs I've been working on for the past several months has been furniture and finish selection for a residential addition. It has been a lot of fun, exhausting at times, and a very interesting break from the design work I'm used to doing.

Tonight was the final piece of the puzzle; installing the window treatments my awesome Mom made to complete the job. Chris gave up his day off to help me because the install included putting up a 188 inch cornice box. That's over 15 feet people!! It took us 4 hours to get everything measured, drilled, installed, and hung, and he didn't even complain once! I definitely owe him big for this one.

So here is a little progression of the job and the finished results, let me know what you think!

 The family room before it got expanded (the addition got built to the right of this room off the back of the house)

Some under construction pictures; the framing pics actually came in very handy when trying to figure out where the studs were for the install. Header beams make everything easier!

Getting ready to install, that large red box behind the sofa is the cornice box to go over the 5 windows.

4 hours later, it was a beautiful thing!

I was so excited when the clients took my advice to install the tile floor in a herringbone pattern. They were skeptical at first, but it came out gorgeous!

And a view from almost the same spot as the before picture was taken. What a difference! It really was a fun job and the clients were wonderful to work with and thrilled with everything, so a success all around.


BeckyFrey said...

That looks beautiful! Awesome job Kim and you've got yourself a good hubby.

Erin Mary said...

Kim, It's beautiful!! Nice job, girly :)

Lizbeth Orr said...

Wow! Great job Kim!!