Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How is it Fall Already?!

This summer has been, in a word, insane.

This year started with the promise of only one job. I taught a Color and Lighting class at a local college for a total of 4 classroom hours a week. The semester passed with no calls from any of the architects I had been working with before so the teaching job was the one thing I had for 5 months to fill my time and bank account.

Then the semester ended, and I started to get nervous as I have been doing from time to time over the last three years of my self-employment status. I remember telling Chris about my anxiety and he wrapped his arms around me and prayed about it. It definitely calmed me down but I had no idea how God was going to answer that prayer, until about a week later.

All of a sudden, I had 4 jobs. 4!!! I won't go into each and every one, but since then I have been pulled in several directions, none of which have crossed paths with needles and yarn. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's been wonderful to be so in demand, it's just exhausting.

But now it's September, and the weather this week; mid 70's going down 10-20 degrees at night; has put knitting back in the forefront of my mind. I have some projects that have long since been bound off and are awaiting their moment in the spotlight, others that are recently started that I could log my progress on. Beyond that, I have thoughts of Christmas presents, scarves and fingerless gloves for myself, and even another baby blanket (it never ends).

I will be back for real very soon. :)

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