Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good News

So I'm back. Yes, it has been since April. Yes I have lots of projects to share. But first, I'd like to share some exciting news... we're expecting!!!

It has been a long journey filled with heartbreak, hormones, and finally triumph and I won't bore you with the details because what matters is as of today I am 26 week down, 14 to go, and still a bit disoriented by the fact that we are finally going to be parents! I know everyone's path through life and more specifically to becoming parents, is completely different as we all make different choices and have different hurdles to overcome, so I don't necessarily feel that our experience was any harder or easier than anyone else's, but for us, it was a trying time. The only advice I can offer is that God is faithful, He has a plan, and some days the only thing that kept me from falling apart was knowing that God was in control.

One day when I was particularly discouraged I was driving home, upset and mentally trying to sort through my emotions, when I pulled up behind a car at a red light and noticed its vanity plate. Nahum 17 it said. I knew that Nahum was a book of the bible, but he is a minor prophet and from what I knew of those Old Testament books, minor prophets are short, sweet, and no more then a few chapters each. Being the sleuth I was I deduced that this was not Nahum 17 but Nahum 1:7. Honestly, by putting this car in my path that day God accomplished 2 things; He got my attention and distracted me from my pity party, and He encouraged me. When I got home and was able to look up the verse it said "The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.".

I will get back to posting my knitting projects soon, and I won't promise to be consistent or frequent because we all know how that will go. I do however, have lots to share so I WILL be back!

I pray today you find the encouragement you need and take comfort in knowing that God is in control.


Michele HH said...

Beautiful. And today, of all days, I needed to remember that, too. So happy for you!

Kim said...

Thanks Michele! :)

Rebecca said... look amazing! So happy and just absolutely beautiful pregnant! I am rejoicing with you in God's amazing goodness and timing. I can't believe you posted Nahum 1:7, this was the verse I clung to for our 8 years of infertility (damn that word, I still hate it!). Anyway, we can't wait to hear the good news of your little one's arrival!