Monday, May 7, 2012

Flyers Tutu

My favorite sports team, the Flyers, are currently in the second round of the playoffs so to try and help give them a little playoff mojo, I created a Flyers tutu for my 10 month old niece Lilly. While it certainly hasn't seemed to do much in the mojo department, it's adorable and I had a great time putting it together.

I found this project to be fairly simple to complete, with a ribbed knitted waistband and strips of ribbon and tulle looped in the holes of the band I created by using a (yo, K2tog) pattern for the second half of the waistband.

I do need to modify the number of stitches I used since adding the tulle expanded the waistband and it ended up being way too large for Lilly to wear, but she'll grow into it, and in the future I'll account for that in my measurements. I can see this becoming a good addition to the etsy shop I have yet to open, along with the beer koozies and fingerless gloves I've created.

But for now, there's still a chance for some come-from-behind magic for my team.
Let's Go Flyers!!!

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